Unforeseen things can happen to good businesses. When things go wrong, the steady hand of a financial professional can mean the difference between restructuring and liquidation.

Headwaters has the experience and proprietary capital to help clients through a wide range of financial distress situations.
The credit contraction and ensuing “Great Recession” have been cruel to many middle market companies. Many companies have a liability structure that is not serviceable in post-crisis business conditions. Companies with liquidity concerns and stretched payables can often forestall a formal proceeding by approaching creditors, restructuring the balance sheet and/or raising new capital to put a distressed company on sound financial footing. Our team has deep experience working with creditors to demonstrate a greater recovery through restructuring rather than liquidation.

Of course, a bankruptcy proceeding is sometimes the last, best option. In this case, our team is equipped to perform a long-term advisory in which we evaluate the situation, formulate a plan for value maximization, and help you implement that plan.

We bring these advisory services along with our own capital. Headwaters Capital Partners invests in Headwaters client companies to fund growth, bridge a trough period, or relieve some short term financial pressure.